Why use us

Choose Nationwide Stock Crates for our experience, expertise and commitment to quality in both our manufacturing and customer service.

Experienced Team. Proven Processes.
Most of our staff have more than 10 years experience manufacturing industry-leading stock crates. They apply their knowledge and expertise to every crate, with proven designs and manufacturing processes that ensure a quality product every time.

Our stock crates are made to go the distance, with quality materials and designs that are proven to last.

Ease of use. Improved efficiencies.
Our crates are designed to be easy to use, making loading and unloading livestock simple and efficient. All our crates are constructed from durable but lightweight aluminium to minimise the unladen weight of the crate and maximise your payload.

Animal Welfare.
Our stock crates are constructed with animal welfare in mind, and we tailor our designs to maximise the amount of stock that can be carted comfortably and safely within legal limits. Each Nationwide crate is checked and given accredited status by AsureQuality before it leaves the factory.

Compliance with legislation.
We understand New Zealand's stringent transport regulations, and we design our crates to comply with all legislation and standards.